Guidance, pre-clinical and clinical services, diagnostics, medical specialties and health care information via

video call,
phone call or
on-line chat

Alô IBSAÚDE... City

The platform includes a specialized modules for medication delivery logistics, with an on-demand operating model, similar to Uber and iFood.

Services are provided through an administrative dashboard with access to professional profiles at four levels: supervisors, physicians, nurses and attendants.

A 24/7, modern and smart platform that provides citizens with guidance and information on various health care services, ranging from preliminary services to diagnostics via video call, phone call or on-line chat. Alô IBSAÚDE has come to improve the lives of those whose health care is provided by the SUS.

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How does Alô IBSAÚDE work?

With agility and safety, users are welcomed and directed to the most appropriate service module.

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